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Ways to Enjoy Water Activities in Texas

You don’t always think of water activities when you think of Texas, but you should start! With access to canals, bays, and the Gulf of Mexico, there are actually a number of water activities in Texas that are fun for the whole family.

So grab your suit and let’s go!

Water activities in Texas

Whether you enjoy something more relaxing or prefer to be a part of the action, here are just a few water activities you can check out next time you’re in the Freeport, Texas area.

  • 1) Stay at a water-themed RV park. Parks like Blue Water RV Resort are right along the water’s edge and have tons of water activities available for guests. Imagine having access to the Gulf Coast and bay area right outside your camper or cabin door!
  • 2) Kayaking or paddleboarding. Experience the water firsthand by renting a kayak or paddleboard and setting sail.
  • 3) Boating. Looking to bring the whole family on the water? Rent a boat or bring your own!
  • 4) Waterpark. A water park is a magical place that’s centered around having fun in the water. Splash pads, wave pools, super slides. You name it!
  • 5) Fishing. There are tons of places to cast your line in Texas and tons of different fish to catch too. Lakes, rivers, the ocean, oh my!
  • 6) Swimming. Lounging by the pool or dipping a few toes in both count as water activities, right? They sure do! Relax by the water as you soak up the sun or jump right in and swim a few laps.
  • 7) Just enjoy the views. Nothing is more peaceful than watching the waves come in and out or catching a breathtaking sunset over the water. When you stay at a place like Blue Water RV Resort, you have access to some of the most beautiful water views around. Back your camper right up to the water or rent a cabin on the bay.

Book your stay today and take advantage of all the water activities Texas has to offer!

Get your water on!

Whether you’re boating, kayaking, swimming, or just taking it all in, come enjoy the magic of the Gulf Coast and Bayside area! Book your stay near the water and make sure you are always close to the action and water activities.

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