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Things to Do at Surfside Beach, TX

Just 11 miles down Bluewater Highway from Bluewater Resort is Surfside Beach, an oasis where surfers seek to hang that perfect ten, and anglers catch trophy fish that make their friends jealous. Here the island life is easy. Surfside Beach is a haven for the chilled-out vacationer, nestled on a jetty along the waters of the Gulf.

Here are a few things to do to make the most out of your visit to this laid-back enclave.


Soak Up Some Rays

Take off your shoes and wiggle your toes as the soft sand gently cradles your feet while you listen to the gently rolling waves. Beach life doesn’t get better than this. Surfside Beach has four miles of pristine coastline, and somewhere along the way you’ll find the perfect spot to set up your towel and umbrella.

But this beach is not the only place to catch the sun. Grab the kids and head to Splash Pad Park for a few hours of freshwater fun. With 2,000 square feet of splash pad, the park has 10 different water features for them to cool off and play.


Go Fish

With its deep coastal waters, reefs and offshore oil platforms, the ideal conditions are created for all sorts of fish to come and hang out. This makes perfect fodder for anglers and some of the best fishing in Texas. You can opt to stay closer to shore, or go out for more deep sea fishing to catch bull redfish, tuna, and shark. Surfside Jetty Park is a great place to cast your line and watch the cargo ships float by in the distance.


Enjoy the Surfside Bird and Butterfly Trail

To burn off a few calories, go hiking, biking, or jogging along the Bluewater Highway Trail. It’s a concrete footpath running along Hwy 247 for about three miles and starts in the center of the village. Then follow along the Bird & Butterfly Trail to see monarch butterflies, birds, and other wildlife. Surfside was named ‘Bird City’ by Texas Parks & Wildlife and is an official Monarch designation.


Go on a Birding Adventure

Snow geese, sandhill cranes, roseate spoonbills, egrets, and tons of herons converge in and around Surfside Beach at various points throughout the year, making this area a haven for birdwatchers. This is the southern border of the Brazonia National Wildlife Refuge where more than 200 species of birds have been spotted. The winter migration and summer months mean there is something to see nearly year round. Bring your binoculars!


History Buffs Will Appreciate Fort Velasco

The Texas Revolution may best be known for the battles of San Jacinto and the Alamo, but the first shots were actually fired near Surfside Beach. See a replica of the fort that the Mexican and Texan forces clashed over in June of 1832. Stroll around the fort and visit the museum to learn in intimate detail about this significant chapter of Texas history.


Dine on Delicious Food at Surfside Beach’s Restaurants

You have several local eateries to choose from offering a variety of cuisine to suit any palette. Beachfront cafes offer everything from the freshest seafood to 100% beef burgers. Many of these establishments double as bars, so belly up with the perfect beverage to pair with your meal.

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