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The Best Fishing and Crabbing is Near Freeport

The Gulf Coast of Texas has a lot of well-known spots for fishing and crabbing. But here in Freeport, the fishing is often overlooked. We’re not sure why, because it’s one of the best spots around! We like to think that our little spot here at Bluewater is a hidden gem!

With miles of beautiful beaches and everything the town of Freeport has to offer, we are one of the best-kept secrets on the Gulf Coast. A day of fishing or crabbing on the beach is one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy our resort. Flounder, redfish, drum, speckled trout, croaker, sheepshead, blue crabs, and more call these back lakes and marshes home.

The shallow back lakes and bayous offer refuge and are vital nurseries to marine life, making it a great area to fish most any time of year. These same areas are great for night time flounder gigging. If fishing and crabbing are new to you but you’re curious to try, no experience is necessary if you hire a local fishing guide to show you the ropes. It’s a great family activity, as well.

What is Flounder Gigging?

This is a Texas tradition that lets you experience the best of night time fishing and hunting. Join a charter boat and set sail about 30 minutes before dusk. After seeing a beautiful sunset on the bay, the lights on the boat go on and the fishing begins! Flounder, black drum, Bay Snapper, blue crabs, and more can be had. On these nighttime expeditions, the custom-built flounder gigging boat will stalk the bay floor using powerful LED and halogen lights that illuminate the area for the best hunting of these elusive fish.

Deep Sea Fishing in Freeport

Just 50 miles south of Houston, the Freeport area is one of the best deep sea fishing destinations in Texas. This area offers quick access to deep water fishing, which equals more fishing time. Red snapper, Cobia, Mahi Mahi, Shark, King Mackerel, Grouper, Wahoo, and more thrive in these deep waters off the Gulf Coast. If you are not an experienced deepwater fisher, Freeport fishing guides offer trips regularly. There are several deepwater fishing guides and charters available, and Bluewater RV Resort can recommend the best for your fishing desires.

Crabbing in Freeport

In addition to the many different species of fish to be caught, crabbing is a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a morning or afternoon. Bluewater RV Resort is near one of the best crabbing spots in Texas and has crabbing guides available. Crabbing is so simple to do, anyone 17 or over with a fishing license can stake their catch. Simply get a crab line, some chicken necks from the store, a dip net, and away you go! You have everything you need to fill up a 5-gallon bucket with some beautiful blue crabs. This is an especially fun activity to do with the kids, with a high success rate. After you catch enough crabs, have your very own crab boil or cook them over the grill, and you’ll be set for a great meal.

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