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Food Trucks and Music at Bluewater

The weekends here at Bluewater RV Resort have just amped up! From now through May 2022, we plan on having one or more food trucks and live music nearly every weekend. Get ready to sample some great local food lovingly prepared fresh for you while you groove to some local tunes.

Why are Food Trucks So Popular?

Food trucks have been popular all over the country in the last decade or so. In fact, the number of food trucks in Texas alone has more than doubled, growing 135% from the years 2013 to 2020. These tasty mobile vendors are a big hit and it’s easy to see why:

You get to try new dishes – the ingredients used by most food truck vendors are fresh, locally grown, and your meal is prepared fresh right there when you order. Many food vendors are skilled chefs that decided to break out on their own without having the overhead that brick-and-mortar restaurants require. They are always dreaming up new dishes for their food trucks.

The price is right – at a food truck you get quality food at very affordable prices. Why? It goes back to the lack of overhead idea; the owners do not have the high expenses of a regular eatery and so they pass the savings onto you!

It’s convenient – since food trucks are mobile, they often make the rounds of the local area. They go where the people go, whether that be festivals, events, and yes, RV parks and campgrounds. Many food trucks offer catering for your personal event.

It’s a great way to support the local community – as they say, it’s best to “buy local.” With a mobile kitchen, food truck owners have the freedom to experiment with new cuisine and get creative with their menus. Often times you will deal directly with the chef when you order, which adds a personal touch to the experience.


Great Local Music Every Weekend


We are feverishly booking bands most every weekend through May. This is a great way to discover some new music while enjoying the camaraderie of your RV park neighbors. We hope this year 2022 brings many good things going forward, and what better way to celebrate than with the two main things that bring people together…


…Music and Food!


Stay tuned as we firm up the schedule on which food truck(s) will be on site and which bands are playing. We are so excited to share some great music and food with our awesome guests! If you haven’t yet booked a stay with us, what are you waiting for? Don’t have an RV or camper? Check out our cozy cottages with beach and bay views.

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