Top Tips for Telling Memorable Campfire Stories

  Since the beginning of human history, people have gathered ‘round a fire telling stories in some shape or form. Back then, it was necessary as a way of passing knowledge to other people and down to the next generation. Today, it is a fun activity to do around a campfire. Telling campfire stories brings … Continued

Awesome Guide to Traveling with Your Little Ones

If you think that traveling in a tight space such as an RV with your infant and/or toddler is too much, think again! With the rise of RV travel in recent years, more young families are finding absolute joy in RV travel with their little rascals. Many parents want to introduce their love of travel … Continued

3 Reasons to Plan Your Camping Trip NOW

Living in the moment is a way of life for some campers. The serendipity of life on the road, where anything can happen, is a source of joy for many. While this is all well and good, it doesn’t hurt to plan in advance your next camping trip. The main reason for this is that … Continued

10 Tips for Better Birdwatching

Here at the Bluewater resort, we are right next to some of the best birdwatching in the U.S. if not the world! We get folks from all over coming to this area just to see some epic flocked friends, and we get so many questions about the best techniques for spotting some of the more … Continued

Food Trucks and Music at Bluewater

The weekends here at Bluewater RV Resort have just amped up! From now through May 2022, we plan on having one or more food trucks and live music nearly every weekend. Get ready to sample some great local food lovingly prepared fresh for you while you groove to some local tunes. Why are Food Trucks … Continued

Things to Do at Surfside Beach, TX

Just 11 miles down Bluewater Highway from Bluewater Resort is Surfside Beach, an oasis where surfers seek to hang that perfect ten, and anglers catch trophy fish that make their friends jealous. Here the island life is easy. Surfside Beach is a haven for the chilled-out vacationer, nestled on a jetty along the waters of … Continued

The Best Fishing and Crabbing is Near Freeport

The Gulf Coast of Texas has a lot of well-known spots for fishing and crabbing. But here in Freeport, the fishing is often overlooked. We’re not sure why, because it’s one of the best spots around! We like to think that our little spot here at Bluewater is a hidden gem! With miles of beautiful … Continued

Discover a New Way to Relax at the Gulf Coast

Come join us at our amazing RV beach resort!   Wanna get away from it all? Bluewater RV Park is not your average RV resort. Far from it! We are remote enough for a truly peaceful way to live your best RV life, but close enough to lots of great attractions. Thanks to our great … Continued

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